Kathmandu University Launches Master of Media Studies

May 06, 2022

Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Language and Mass Communication has launched the program of 'Master of Media Studies' from the new academic session.

The subject committee has approved the department's curriculum for administering the program. The course will be presented to the university's Education Council in the coming days, according to Prof Dr. Sudhanshu Dahal, Acting Head of the Department.

If approved by the University's Academic Council, the department is preparing to admit students in the academic session 2079 itself, said Dahal. This is a two-year curriculum with four semesters. The department believes that the program will benefit students, particularly those who have worked in the media but have been denied various opportunities due to a lack of academic credentials, and it will operate with the goal of producing international level mass media manpower, according to Dahal. The curriculum will include two tracks, according to Dahal. One study track is planned, while the other is a think tank that will be able to build policy contacts with the media.

The university also tends to offer a one-year course to the target demographic of working professionals. The institute intends to use the credit bank idea to give postgraduate certificates to students who choose to study only a few subjects.

According to the School of Arts, the course is centered on efficiency and research that may internationalize the media house's products. According to the university, a student must pay Rs. 395,000 to finish this program.