Hult Prize 2021/22 at Pokhara University

September 05, 2021

After the first-ever on-campus exposure to the Billboard of Hult Prize Foundation, Hult Prize 2021/22 at Pokhara University has kick-started its journey to yet another tenure of great impact. 

For half-decade now, Hult Prize Pokhara University is not only creating a huge impact on the movement but is also producing eminent and productive leaders. The former Campus Director of Hult Prize Pokhara University, Mr. Ashish Lamichhane, who now is the Community Builder of Hult Prize Nepal Community, is leading the Hult movement in Nepal in a really exceptional way. 

Heading with a common vision - 'Leading a generation to change the world', the team of Hult Prize Pokhara University, having exuberant leaders from various streams and backgrounds, is all set to begin this year's journey with a huge bang.

'Lots of exceptional learnings and insights are on the way to hit the brains of change-makers this year' said Mr. Prashant Bhusal, the Campus Director of Hult Prize Pokhara University 2021/22. 'We are thinking out of the box and will come up with something new this year' he added.