HSEB introducing modern technology to reform exam system



The Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has decided to implement modern technology from this year to reform the examination system. 

The Board is using advanced technology for the first time in Nepal to reform the examination system and to change the examination security strategy and technology drastically. 

The Board will use the technology as a pilot project in one million examinees of Class 11 and 12 from April this year by installing machine and software at a cost of Rs. 2 million to 2. 5 million. 

The Board will use the bar code in answer sheets and Optical Mark Reader (OMR) machine, which can bring out results quickly, said Council Member Secretary Bhimlal Gurung. 

This will make the examination systematic, safe and less workers consuming, precise and maintain secrecy of results from employees, he claimed. 

This will help in keeping secrecy as it can be done by one person in less time after its implementation as the previous system took much manpower and long time, said Gurung. 

Examination Controller of the Board, Durga Prasad Aryal said one cannot identify from the new technology whose answer sheet it is and there will be impartiality.

In this system, fake students cannot give examination and there will be no fake mark sheet and fake certificate.

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