HSEB directed St. Xavier's college to set a dress code for students



Maitighar-based St. Xavier College which is the only private institution Nepal that allows students to attend school in casual wear has been directed to set a dress code for its students.

All the higher secondary schools in Nepal have made it mandatory for their students to follow a dress code.

According to Member Secretary of the monitoring committee Dambar Batash, a meeting of HSEB´s college monitoring committee earlier on Friday had taken this decision.  

The HSEB officials have reasoned that the dress code in schools and colleges must be followed strictly to discourage the trend of bunking and riding bike by students

“The HSEB guideline already requires all plus two colleges to check their students´ presence at cinema halls, discos and parks during college hours,” said Batash, adding, “The regulation can´t be effectively implemented if renowned colleges do not follow the system.”

Batash added that the board would send a notice to the college giving a certain deadline to implement its decision. “The college authority would be asked for clarification and we will take further action if it remained defiant,” he mentioned.

HSEB guidelines also restricts plus two students to ride motorbikes in college uniforms. HSEB has coordinated with the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner´s Office (MPOC) to help enforce their directive by taking students and their two-wheelers under control if found riding in uniform.  

“HSEB sought cooperation with security agencies as it alone cannot make a difference,” said  HSEB Spokeperson Naryan Koirala. MTPD and the MPCO have expressed commitment to help in the implementation of the HSEB rule.