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Galyang Municipality Implements Scholarship Program to Ensure Education Access

May 12, 2024
Galyang Municipality Implements Scholarship Program to Ensure Education Access
KMC Lalitpur

Galyang Municipality has initiated a scholarship program aimed at mitigating the financial barriers hindering access to higher education. The endeavor comes in response to economic constraints that threaten to deprive individuals of pursuing advanced studies.

Under the leadership of the Chief of the Education Department, Himalal Bhandari, the municipality has rolled out a scholarship scheme targeting students enrolled in campuses within its jurisdiction. The program encompasses provisions for both monthly stipends and full scholarships tailored to cater to financially disadvantaged, impoverished, and deserving students, particularly those pursuing studies in Grades 11 and 12.

According to Bhandari, students studying in Galyang Multiple Campus and Malunga Multiple Campus are eligible for a monthly stipend amounting to Rs. 10,800 for a year. Additionally, students enrolled in Grades 11 and 12 are entitled to individual scholarships amounting to Rs. 3,500 each. The allocation of scholarships is carefully structured, with 10% of targeted students on campuses and 20% of students in Grades 11 and 12 receiving full scholarships. "This year, 78 students studying at the campus level are free of monthly fees, and 100 students are studying in classes 11 and 12. We have provided scholarships to 36 people.", he stated.

He said that this year, 214 people have been given Rs. 1.3 lakh as monthly fee and scholarship. The concerned campuses and schools for extremely poor, poor and needy students should request applications for scholarships and recommend the received applications to the municipality based on the procedure. "After investigating the application given by the students, the respective schools recommend to the municipality", he said, "We select real students and provide scholarships and monthly fees from the municipality."

Mayor Guru Prasad Bhattarai emphasized the municipality's commitment to ensuring that financial constraints do not impede anyone's access to education. The decision to implement the scholarship program was made soon after his assumption of office, reflecting a proactive approach toward addressing educational disparities.

He believes that this campaign will help in the educational transformation of the city. Students who have received a full scholarship will get a scholarship again to study only after passing. Failed students will not get the said facility again.

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