Everest Hackathon announces Hacking Expo open to the public



On Wednesday, July 17, Everest Hack, a technology-focused hacking event, announced a call for visitors for Hacking Expo which is taking place on 21st July at Nami College, Jorpati, Kathmandu from 1:00 PM to 5 PM. 

“Everest Hack is a 48-hour event where students, designers, entrepreneurs, hackers, developers and problem solvers come together in small teams to share ideas and develop innovative solutions to the challenges presented and faced by our societies through the medium of technology,'' said Lalit Singh, project leader of the event.  The event intends to expand “Hacking” culture in Nepal. 

The event announced that an expo will be held which will feature products resulting from 24 hours of intense hacking. “The Expo will help in building a community, giving the public an outlet to interact, and in providing an opportunity to form inter-industrial partnerships.” 

The organizers explained that Hacking Expo will be attended by potential employers, investors, and participants from the general public. Visitors are expected to interrogate participants regarding the products they have developed and provide feedback which will be used in judgment for the winners. 10 teams will be selected based on criteria like innovativeness, quality of design, wow factor and presentation skills. They will be provided an opportunity to pitch their ideas and attract potential investors. In addition to the Winner, 1st runner up and second runner there will be innovation prize and best tech prizes as well. 

The event is also supported by international tech companies like Microsoft, Github, Cloudflare, etc. The organizers also announced that student ticket for Everest Hack Expo will cost NRs 50 while a general ticket will cost Rs 100.