Educationists and experts suggests Education reform from the roots



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There is always hullabaloo after publication of the  SLC result, expert and educationists talk about reform in Education sector. Some educationist shares their thoughts through articles and some via interview. As the time goes on everyone forget about this and same trend repeats every year. 

After the publication of SLC result 2070, this trend has been repeated. Today in Reporters club  educationists and stakeholders have again stressed on the need of change in education system 'from the roots'. 

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education Mahashram Sharma said the national education system has to be restructured. Admitting that there are problems in the national education policy, Sharma said the Ministry of Education is doing homework to formulate a new policy. 

Sharma stated that total investment for a student at a private institution amounts up to seven times of the total investment for a student at a community school and argued it is thus natural for private schools to perform far better than community ones. He also informed that Dhading district performed the best in results of community schools across the nation, whereas Rautahat schools got the lowest results. 

Examination Controller Bishnu Dware urged all the stakeholders to expedite discussions aiming to bring reforms in education and examination policies. "We have failed to show quality in education. It doesn't make any sense to create hullabaloo after publication of the results," said Dware, "We need to act on time." 

Educationist Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya said SLC score is not the only measuring rod to evaluate students' wisdom and SLC examination system has already failed and  stressed of alternative examination system. 

Chairman of the Higher Secondary School Association Nepal (HISSAN), Umesh Shrestha blamed politicisation of education for poor results. He also accused the government of ignoring suggestions provided earlier for reforms in examination systems. 

Chairman of the Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation Nepal (PABSON), Lakshya Bahadur KC asked the government to add up investment in education sector. He also suggested the government to promote public private partnership in education. 

Chairman of the Guardians' Association, Suprabhat Bhandari, urged all stakeholders to stop politicisation at educational institutions. Dristi Giri, which is the topper of SLC result 2070 shared that political activities adversely affected learning environment.