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Education Minister Affirms: Universities Free from Political Interference

April 16, 2024
Education Minister Affirms: Universities Free from Political Interference
KMC Lalitpur

Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Sumana Shrestha reiterated her stance on preserving the independence of universities across the nation. Minister Shrestha firmly stated that there would be no external pressure or intervention from her or her political party concerning matters of the university.

The statement from Minister Shrestha follows deliberations regarding the selection process for crucial university roles. She, along with a panel of experts, including renowned educationist Kedar Bhakta Mathema, convened to address concerns surrounding the appointment of Vice Chancellor's at universities.

"I assure that there will be no pressure or interference from my party in universities. It should also be advised to other party leaders not to interfere with the top leaders of various parties," she affirmed.

Acknowledging the importance of impartiality in university appointments, Minister Shrestha received gratitude from educationists for adopting a merit-based approach rather than succumbing to group interests or affiliations in the appointments of Deans and Registrars at Tribhuvan University.

Furthermore, Minister Shrestha clarified her stance on appointments to the Public Service Commission of Tribhuvan University, emphasizing that selections would be based solely on merit and open competition. She emphasized her non-involvement in the selection process and reiterated her commitment to upholding laws that prohibit political affiliations among university staff and faculty.

To address concerns regarding teacher recruitment criteria and the compulsory requirement of a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) qualification, Minister Shrestha disclosed plans for the formation of a task force. This task force aims to provide recommendations to streamline the teacher recruitment process and remove unnecessary barriers.

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