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Community Efforts Propel School in Dharan to Excellence

April 17, 2024
KMC Lalitpur

Public High School, nestled in Ward No. 12 of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, has emerged as a beacon of educational advancement. Despite its status as a solely government-operated institution, the school has undergone a transformative journey, drawing admiration from both parents and students alike.

Over the years, while neighboring educational institutions witnessed a decline in student enrollment, Public High School experienced a surge in admissions. Faced with mounting pressure to accommodate students, the school implemented a rigorous selection process based on individual capabilities through annual entrance examinations.

This year, as the demand for admission doubled, the school conducted entrance exams, attracting a staggering 712 participants. From Nursery to Grade 9, the school aimed to enroll 314 students, reflecting the growing preference for its educational philosophy.

Principal Sagar Bhattarai of Chamunda Bhagwati (CB) College  in Itahari represented this trend by enrolling his child for the entrance exam at Public High School, quoting its reputation for academic excellence. He said “Many of the students I taught are now teachers in this school. I want to bring my son to here from Delhi Public School because of my faith in them.”

Similarly, Sudarshan Shrestha, a parent whose child attended a private school, expressed his intention to switch to Public High School, encouraged by positive feedback from fellow parents.

Parental involvement has been pivotal in the school's journey towards excellence. Prabina Limbu, a parent, highlighted the various facilities provided by the school, including transportation. Radhika Karki expressed her desire to enroll her child in the school after learning about the variety of subjects offered.

Rajendra Kirati, president of the school’s Teachers-Parents Association, emphasized the significant role of parent-teacher collaboration in improving teaching and learning outcomes. He stated, “Before, the school was similar to other public schools, but since we discussed and addressed the problems together, the school has been running smoothly with the support of parents. We parents are also happy.”

Driven by community support, the school has expanded its infrastructure and facilities, boasting six school buses, a library, and Montessori classes. Dr. Indra Mohan Jha, the school's principal, highlighted the significant transformation accelerated by parental engagement. He stated, “Until ten years ago, this school was no different from other public schools, but when we tried to improve it after discussing it with parents and stakeholders, the parents helped us. Now, we rely on that.”

With nearly 3,500 students from Nursery to Grade 12, the school has been selected as a model institution by the government. Additionally, the government has chosen the public school as one of the schools to conduct programs related to teaching Science moving forward.

Currently the school offers classes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Management, Hotel Management and Beautician courses. Principal Dr. Jha mentioned that teaching is conducted in English medium from Nursery to Grade 9, while from Grade 10 to 12, the school offers both English and Nepali mediums.

Hari Bahadur Karki, Secretary of the Community School Management Committee Federation (SMC Federation), Koshi Province, and President of Public High School Management Committee, highlighted the increasing attraction towards schools where the educational environment has improved through joint efforts of schools and parents. He also urged the government to pay attention to the issue of inadequate infrastructure in many schools despite the announcement of free education.

He stated, “Nowadays, teaching is good in schools where schools and parents cooperate, but the number of students is decreasing in schools that solely depend on the government and it is necessary for the government to pay attention to this issue.”

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