Choosing the right college after SLC.


Republica National Daily

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Now that you’re an SLC graduate, you may be thinking of getting enrolled in a high school. But before you make a decision as to which college to join, make sure you weigh in the most significant aspects of the college so you won’t have to regret it later. After all, you’ll be spending two glorious years of your life there.

So what are the factors one needs to take into consideration while choosing a college?

First of all, you should decide which stream you want to go for—management, science or humanities, or A-Levels, says Mohit Acharya, 17. Also, make sure that the college you’re applying for provides quality education in the stream you’ve chosen, he adds.

Mohit, who is studying Management at United Academy in Kumaripati, says that just because a college offers the course you want to study, doesn’t mean you have to join in right away. He adds, “One should find out if the teachers are good, caring and motivating.”

Choosing the colleges that have good academic records in the past is a good idea, he says, adding that one should talk to a person already enrolled in the college so that one has clear idea of how good the college is.

He also suggests that since students have different notions when it comes to discipline and freedom, they should decide on how strict an environment they want to study in.

“Besides providing quality education, colleges should also be equipped with necessary infrastructures like labs and libraries so that studying is easier,” he emphasizes.

Another high school student Rakshya Sharma, 17, who is enrolled in Bridgewater International College in Sinamangal, also says that quality education alone isn’t sufficient.

“Students should choose colleges that have all the required facilities, like a clean canteen with healthy food and buses for the students coming to study from distant areas,” she observes.

“Choose such colleges that provide you with opportunities for developing your personality and confidence,” she suggests. For that, the college should encourage students to be involved in extra-curricular activities, like sports and music, among others, she says, “Also make sure that the college’s management is efficient and that classes are held regularly without any disturbances.”

Likewise, Savya Acharya, 16, who is studying at Pentagon International College in Tinkune, opines that the college’s timing is an important factor to be considered while choosing a college.

“Many students may want to engage themselves in volunteering or even want to work. In such cases, joining a college that conducts classes during the morning is better than joining a day-college so that they can do what they like after college,” says Savya. This won’t be possible if one is in college the whole day, she quips.

According to Savya, one should choose colleges that see regular and timely assessments and examinations so that the students are motivated to study throughout the year and not only during examination time.

Similarly, Anil Adhikari, 17, says that if students have more than one option of colleges that offer them the course they want to study and the quality of education provided is more or less the same, they should opt for the college that is nearer to their homes.

“It will be easier to commute to and from college and save time,” says Anil who is enrolled at Kathmandu New Castle Higher Secondary School in Basundhara.

“And most of the students in their high school are dependent on their parents for funding their education. So if they choose wisely the institutions that provide good education in a comparatively lower cost, it will be very thoughtful of them,” he concludes.