Bharatpur Metropolitan City to introduce local curriculum



Chitwan, Aug 8 (RSS): Bharatpur Metropolitan City has made preparation to implement local curriculum at the schools within metropolitan city area. 

According to Education Division at the metropolitan city, the Bharatpur metropolitan city has been making preparation to introduce the local curriculum from coming academic session. 

Division Chief Sitaram Koirala said that the curriculum would be introduced from class 1 to 8. The local curriculum would incorporate local necessity and matters, which is going to be prepared at the suggestion and support of experts. 

Mayor of Bharatpur metropolitan city, Renu Dahal said that various issues including identity, society, local culture and art of the metropolitan city area, local tourism and business, profession, local herbs and treatment method, local games, disaster management, urban development, environment protection and story of civilized and healthy life would be incorporated in the curriculum. 

A 17-memebr taskforce has been formed under coordination of Lekhnath Khanal on December 3, 2018 to prepare curriculum.