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BDS Common Entrance Exam Result - Medical Education Commission

March 16, 2023
Last updated June 18, 2024
KMC Lalitpur

Medical Education Commission has published the results of the Bachelor Level Medical Education Common Entrance Examination (MECEE-BL 2023) of BDS Program. The examination was conducted on Falgun 25, 2079 (March 09, 2023). 

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Candidates who are not satisfied with the results can apply the email retotal@mec.gov.np by filling up the attached form for re-totaling from Chaitra 08, 2079 (March 22, 2023), to Chaitra 10, 2079 (March 24, 2023), at 5 PM by submitting a voucher of NRS. 1000 deposited at Himalayan Bank Limited current account 04308931670017. Submission of fake documents is liable for rustication at any time even after admission.


Result of BDS Program.pdf

The Government of Nepal has allocated 108 scholarship seats for students who wish to study BDS in Nepal. 
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