Appointment of teachers and vacancies for 7000 posts of teachers soon: TSC



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According to official of Teacher Service Commission (TSC); Secondary and lower secondary level teachers who got through the TSC examinations would get appointment letters within this month.

TSC has started sending recommendation letters for the appointment of the newly selected teachers to the concerned District Education Offices (DEOs). After receiving the recommendation letters from the TSC, the DEO will appoint the teachers at different public school.

According to the provision, the DEO must create an environment for the new teachers to begin their work at the concerned schools within a month.

Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, spokesperson at the TSC, informed that the TSC started publishing the results of primary level teachers while the process to appoint the lower secondary and secondary level teachers reached last stage.

“The TSC had earlier stopped publishing the primary level teachers results realizing that it would take more time to appoint teachers of all levels. The TSC has started publishing the results of primary level teachers from Thursday after sending all recommendation letters of the lower secondary and secondary level teachers to the concerned DEOS”, Bhattarai said.

The TSC was compelled to recommend the teachers in two phases owing to insufficient manpower at the commission Bhattarai added. According to him, results of the primary level teachers of all five regions will be published within next 15 days.

Likewise, the government has committed not to displacing the temporary teachers while appointing permanent teachers. The TSC has taken examinations to appoint a total of 13,059 permanent teachers in public schools across the country.

Out of them, 2286 teachers would be appointed in the secondary level, 2793 in the lower secondary level and 7980 in the primary level.

The exams were held in May, 2013 across the country, in which above 400,000 candidates participated.

Meanwhile, the TSC has been planning to announce vacancies for about 7000 posts of teachers soon after appointing the newly selected teachers. The new vacancy might be announced in July-August, Bhattarai informed.

TSC had not conducted any exams to appoint the permanent teachers from 17 years owing the political instability in the country.

Now the TSC has planned to take exams every year to select permanent teachers in public schools, Bhattarai added. 

[Source: The Rising Nepal]