ANNISU-R demands scrapping of license of Plus two colleges having foreign names



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The All Nepal National Independent Students Union- Revolutionary, student union affiliated with the UCPN (Maoist), has urged the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) to scrap the license of those educational institutions which haven´t changed their English names into Nepali name. 

By submitting an eight-point memorandum to the HSEB on Monday, ANNISU-R  said all the education institutions should bring uniformity in their tuition fees and implementation of 10 percent scholarship provisions. . 

Other demands of the ANNISU-R include effective and transparent implementation of Scholarship Bank program, proper management of community plus two colleges by providing adequate staff and infrastructures among other things. 

The ANNISU-Ris of view that the code of conduct introduced by the government for the betterment of educational sector and directions issued by the Education Board have long been ignored by schools and threatened of fresh protest if HSEB did not address these demands within a week.

Various Nepalese plus two colleges are using name of popular football club to popular places such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Barsha, Pentagon, Whitehouse, NASA etc.