AITM College Presents Birmingham City University Program Inauguration

August 27, 2021
Last updated August 28, 2021

Khumaltar Height, 27th August, 2021 - AITM College presents Birmingham City University Program Inauguration, taking place at AITM College Khumaltar Height, Lalitpur on 27th August, 2021, and featuring H.E Nicola Pollitt, British Ambassador for Nepal and Chiri Babu Maharjan Mayor, Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

The Asian Institute of Technology & Management (AITM) is a private academic institution, which offers high-quality national and international undergraduate and graduate programs in Nepal. AITM was established on 20th June 2012. It is located in the historical city of Lalitpur and operates from its fully owned premises, overlooking the three main cities of Kathmandu Valley. AITM is spread across 16 ropanis of land and is built over 145,000 SQFT. AITM is managed by educationists and professionals, having more than three decades of proven track record, with both national and international experience. AITM has one of the best facilities in the country, outstanding faculty, world class infrastructure and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. AITM wishes to be a positive agent of change, within the country, regionally and internationally, by collaborating with Birmingham City University, UK, IMI University Center in Switzerland, and other internationally reputed academic institutions to draw upon their vast experience and track record in operating in multinational and multicultural academic settings. The main aim of offering international programs in Nepal is to transform Nepalese institutions of higher education into outstanding seats of learning, equipped to foster high-quality education, scholarship and research, to produce enlightened citizens with strong moral and ethical values. AITM is building strategic alliances with reputable academic institutions in Asia and beyond to offer international academic programs, which can attract not only students from within the country but from Asia and beyond.

AITM College is proud to bring Birmingham City University Programs to Nepal for the first time. Birmingham City University Programs will provide an international degree of International Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Science in Computing and Information Technology at AITM College at a reasonable price with international standards.

H.E Nicola Pollitt, British Ambassador for Nepal inaugurated the programs at AITM College and expressed her best wishes for the programs and relation between AITM College and BCU. Her Excellency was impressed with the team and infrastructure of the college and held her belief that the college is fully capable of providing international standard education and services to the students.

Special guest Chiri Babu Maharjan Mayor, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, stated a new era of education system has started from Lalitpur through AITM College. He Avers the BCU programs is a milestone in Nepalese education system and expressed his good wishes to the team.

Chief Executive officer Dr. Rosan Rathi announced the College will provide high quality education to the students and aims to enroll international students in near future with collaboration with Birmingham City University. With the involvement of high level industry leaders and corporate leaders the college is confident about producing highly capable graduates in the market said Dr. Rathi.