International Masters of Business Administration

International Masters of Business Administration

2 years
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The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) was created with this in mind, as it delves into the nature and ramifications of changing business environments, equipping you with the skills and mentality you'll need to succeed in such a volatile and unpredictable environment. You'll also learn how to successfully lead future enterprises, regardless of industry or region.

The program is tailored to the needs of today's global enterprises, combining academic quality with professional abilities to provide you with marketable skills to operate and excel at a strategic level in a variety of industries and countries. The course places a major emphasis on employability and the development of employability skills, as well as general communication and interpersonal skills.

International MBA will provide you with strong analytical skills, clear perspectives on strategy and strategic thinking, innovative problem solving, an entrepreneurial attitude, and highly effective communication and research abilities, all of which are in high demand by businesses throughout the world.

You will get the opportunity to explore and test your ideas in a supportive environment if you intend to establish your own business. Graduates will have competence in strategy, marketing, leadership, finance, global human resource management, international business, entrepreneurship, operations, and project management, as well as research capabilities.

You will be a member of an international community while taking the course because you will be studying alongside students from all around the world. The learning experience brings you from the classroom to the production floor thanks to our industry connections. You can also obtain essential job experience while you study through sponsored study/field visits to local companies and our organized internship program.

Salient Features

K1 Apply knowledge and critical understanding of advanced theories, concepts, and methods to the inter-disciplinary challenges of business and management practice in a global context.
K2 Interpret the strategic and complex nature of the managerial function in the context of competing for technical, social, and moral perspectives and be able to respond appropriately to internal and external change in a global environment.
K3 Execute critical awareness of the current key issues, challenges, and practices located in their chosen field of management in a global context.
K4 Conduct analyses of business and organizational situations at a strategic level, applying appropriate analytical tools in organizational diagnosis, data collection, intervention, and change processes.
K5 Critical examine ethics, sustainability, environmental issues social responsibility, and accountability for businesses to stakeholders -internal and external.
Understanding and Skills
S1 Formulate research, inquiry, and analytical (quantitative and qualitative) skills necessary to investigate, understand and formulate solutions for management problems.
S2 Use self-reflection, critical thinking, self-awareness, and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, and business and management issues.
S3 Solve complex problems and make decisions in ambiguous and uncertain business and management environments.
S4 Communicate and express evidence-based ideas and arguments coherently and persuasively whilst effectively utilizing relevant (Communication and Information Technology (CIT).
S5 Lead projects and teams developing skills in task prioritization, working to deadlines, dealing with risk and uncertainty, leading, organizing, influencing, and motivating others from diverse cultures and backgrounds, in a professional manner.


The general requirements include a minimum of 15 years of formal education with a Bachelor’s degree (12 years of schooling plus three years of graduation).

Curricular Structure

Course Summary Information
1 Course Title International Master of Business Administration
2 BCU Course Code PT1184 PT1185 PT1186 PT1323 PT1394
3 Awarding Institution Birmingham City University
4 Teaching Institution(s) (if different from point 3)  
5 Professional Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) accreditation (if applicable) Chartered Management Institute (CMI)