46 percent failed in specialist physician license examination


Kathmandu - 46 per cent of the doctors who have taken license examination from Nepal Medical Council to work as a Specialist Physician have failed in the examination.

According to Dr. Krishna Adhikari, of the Nepal Medical Council, the result which was published on Saturday saw that out of 318 physicians who took the exam from 39 different fields, only 173 were passed. 46 percent of the people who took the examination failed whereas only 54.4 percent passed.

The passing number of physicians who take the licensed exams taken from the Council have decreased in recent years. In the past higher number of physicians who had studied abroad used to fail but the statistics of the council now shows that number of doctors who failed and had studied in the country is increasing as well. Dr. Adhikari said that the failure number of doctors who had previously taken the exams and was more than the new students who took the examinations.

Earlier, in the examination taken by the Council for the doctors who had studied MBBS and BDS, only few were passed. Of the 1202 participants of the MBBS sector participating in the examination conducted by the Council, 461 people had only passed. This number is only 38 percent of the total. Of the 85 participants participated in the examination of the BDS sector, only 43 were passed.