FAQ: SEE and Plus Two

How to apply to +2 colleges in Nepal online?

Please go to our website's schools section and select a college from the list. If the school/college accepts applications, you can apply directly through our portal. 

Follow this link: https://edusanjal.com/school/

What are some of the best colleges in Nepal?

You can visit the page for the program you're interested in, where you'll find a list of colleges that offer that program.

Follow the link: https://edusanjal.com/course/ 

How can I get a transcript certificate after Grade 12?

You can apply for the transcript, migration, and provisional certificates after 15 days from the publication of the result. You will need:

a)     A copy of SEE, grade XI, and XII mark-sheet. (If not available, download and print the mark-sheet from the NEB website.)

b)    Payment of Rs.1100 (the amount may vary)

c)     Visit the National Examinations Board, Kathmandu office.

d)    You will receive your certificate within seven (minimum) working days.

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