Kids Carnival 2022 - Chelsea International Academy

December 16, 2022 05:15
December 16, 2022 09:15
Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School

School carnivals are a terrific method to foster cohesiveness among the members of your neighborhood academic community by bringing them all together for a day of socializing. Conversely, in collaboration with Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School, Chelsea International Academy presents Kids Carnival 2022.

A school carnival can also be a means of giving students somewhere safe to have fun after school. Students and their families can socialize safely at these activities under supervision. The Kids Carnival 2022 will incorporate numerous activites, enabling parents, teachers, and kids of all ages to take part in the same enjoyment. Chelsea International Academy and Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School cordially invite everyone to participate in order to make this carnival a great success.

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