Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School

New Baneshwor and Jorpati, Kathmandu

Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School is a co-educational institution; an undertaking of Chelsea International Academy is located at Gokarneshwor - 8, Attarkhel, Jorpati, Kathmandu.  Since its inception in 2005, it has been imparting transformative education in a healthy, responsive and inclusive environment. 

1 - 10


Vidhya Sanskar believes in creating a secure and happy environment for children to come to school, a place, where young minds engaged themselves in learning both academic and co-curricular activities that are appropriate physically and psychologically. 

The School also offers Ten Plus Two (10+2) in Science and Management under the affiliation of National Examination Board (NEB) with plans of future expansion in higher education. The main objective of Vidya Sanskar Secondary School is to equip the students with the core essence of education that enables them to face the global challenges efficiently in the recent world.

The teaching methods are designed to help students to develop motor skills in their daily routine required for the development of independence of character. Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School believes that emphasis should be given to acquire social skills which enable children to benefit from group activities within a multi-cultural environment. Vidhya Sanskar, moreover, believes a school to be a place where children’s emotional development lays the foundation for academic learning and their self-expression and creativity must be allowed to blossom through a rich variety of aesthetic experiences. 


Chelsea International Academy and Vidhya Sanskar School with the motto “Vision through Virtue” has been following the motto sincerely since its inception. It is moving with a virtuous mission of providing quality education for academic excellence and practical experience for the students and making them competitive in any field. This school is committed to producing human resources that are capable of contributing to the formation of a new Nepal in the days to come.

Contact Address:

Pre-School to Grade 10 Gokarneshwor-8, Attarkhel, JorpatiPhone: 01-491776901, 01-49180340Email:

+2 (Science and Management) Lakhechaur Marg, New Baneshwor, KathmanduPhone  01- 447290201,

Salient Features

Physical Infrastructures

The school section of Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School comprises its 3 blocks: Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Levels. There are 11 buildings which house grades nursery to ten, 4 libraries, 5 computer labs, adequate playing grounds. The kitchen is separate for each block which provides hygienic food for all students and staffs. Above all, the kitchens are monitored by the food and nutrition coordinator.

Teaching-Learning at Vidhya Sanskar

Teachers at all levels are trained and well experienced. They also hold teachers’ teaching license. Coordinators in each block support the teachers in all ways possible. The school further supports and encourages teachers and support staffs by conducting workshops and orientations at regular intervals to enhance their efficiency at work and most importantly: team building.


Besides, the school also organizes educational tours, hiking, trekking, camping for students every term. Students are also highly encouraged to participate in various ECA activities such as in seasonal sports and games, quiz contest, spelling contest, elocution, debate, drama, modern and classical dance, music and vocal, yoga, martial arts, etc. Professional teachers provide lessons on all the activities. All facilities provided to the students are conducive according to their age and psychology.

Other Features of Vidhya Sanskar :

  • Capacious classrooms with appropriate students size for academic support
  • Organized assessments to test the apprehension of the subject matter and constantly modeled learning habits
  • Student centered theoretical and practical classes
  • Biological excursions and industrial visit
  • Regular sports and recreational activities
  • Tri-monthly publication of a magazine "Chelsea Wavelength"
  • Canteen with hygenic food 
  • Team of academic professions, and enthusiastic faculty members
  • Unlimited internet and IT friendly zone
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Cambridge University certified library
  • Physiological counseling and guidance counseling
  • Student societies and clubs initiated/maintained by students

Admission Guidelines

Vidhya Sanskar Secondary School  takes admission in grade 11 as per the requirements set by National Examinations Board (NEB). Fresh SEE graduates who fulfill the following eligibility criteria are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria Min. GPA Min. C+ required Subjects Min. D+ required subjects
Grade 11 (Science) 2 Comp. Science and Mathematics Social Studies, Nepali and Comp. English
Grade 11 (Management) 1.6   English, Nepali, Social Studies and Comp. Science, Comp. Mathematics


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