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AITM Carnival 2023

February 04, 2023 04:15
February 04, 2023 10:15
AITM College, Khumaltar
AITM Carnival 2023

AITM Carnival, a food and music festival is being held at AITM College with the intention of showcasing student talent. Yabesh Thapa and The Elements, two youthful and vivacious performers, are the event's main draws.

Make the most of your weekend with AITM’s very first carnival on the 21st of Magh 2079 at AITM premises in Khumaltar, Lalitpur.

Doors open at 10 am, so get your tickets now at only Rs. 200.

Buy tickets from Khalti here.

The Asian Institute of Technology & Management AITM College is a private academic institution, which offers high-quality national and international undergraduate management courses in Nepal.  AITM is managed by educationists and professionals, who have more than three decades of proven track record, with both national and international experience. AITM has one of the best facilities in the country, outstanding faculty, world- class infrastructure.