Geomatics Engineering

Engineering A sub-discipline of Engineering

Geomatics engineering is a branch of information technology that deals with geographic data collecting, modeling, analysis, and management. Because geomatics is one of the fastest-growing information sciences, the techniques and abilities taught will be in high demand in a variety of real-world settings. Much of the learning will take place in class, during tutorials, and while working on advanced-level projects during your studies.


Geomatics is a fast-growing engineering discipline that is concerned with spatial data (i.e. information that has a location). The fundamental factor used to combine a wide range of data for spatial analysis and visualization is the location. Geomatics engineers use geomatics and operate as spatial information engineers by applying engineering concepts to spatial information and implementing relational data structures involving measurement sciences. Local, regional, national, and global spatial data infrastructures are all managed by geomatics engineers. Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Civil Engineering are all components of Geomatics Engineering.