Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering

4 years
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  • Fee:Starting NPR 490,000

Department of Civil Engineering Western Region Campus offers Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering (4 years) program. There are 48 seats available for enrollment every year, out of which 12 are regular and 36 are full-paying seats.

Geomatics Engineering is rapidly developing discipline. Geomatics is new term which incorporates the traditional 'Surveying' along with other aspects of spatial data management. The spatial information, which is information that is referred based on location, is the primary factor for viewing and analyzing wide range of data.

The development of information technology, digital data processing techniques and mapping technology has revolutionized the land surveying profession. The spatial information produced by this profession is vital for planning and decision making not only for government level, but also in community level and business society.

Hence the profession of land surveying is converted and expanded to the profession of Geomatics Engineers.



In case of Letter Grading System, students should have secured minimum "C" Grade in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12. 


The students who have a minimum score of 45% in I. Sc. or 10+2 (physical group or biological group with two paper mathematics) or diploma in engineering or an equivalent course recognised by TU can appear in the entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering.

The students who have passed the entrance examination conducted by IOE are eligible for admission in IOE constitutent campuses and affiliated colleges on merit basis.