Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology - Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

Humanities and Social Sciences

1 year(s)

Post Graduation Diploma (PGD) in counseling psychology is the one year academic course, within that students have to complete five academic papers including practical. In practical students has to do field work in different organizations to provide counseling to minimum of 10 cases.

Students provide counseling to the needy individual under the strict supervision and guidance of counselor and psychologist. Students will conduct both assessment/diagnosis to the needy people and provide counseling to solve the core problem.

Curricular structure

Paper I Foundation of Human Behavior and Development Psychology

Unit 1 Introduction to Psychology

Unit 2 Human development

Unit 3 Methods of studying development

Unit 4 Adjustment and development

Unit 5 Specific developmental problems

Paper II Personality

Unit 1 Introduction to personality

Unit 2 Approaches to study of personality

Unit 3 Dimensions of personality

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