MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science

2 years
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The MSc in Advanced Computer Science equips students with the comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge abilities necessary for employment in which sophisticated computer systems are used to accomplish challenging business objectives. Additionally, it gives students the ability to manage intricate procedures and machinery as well as conduct in-depth data analysis and presentation.

The need for and interest in computer science is being fueled by the growing profile of AI, global cyber security, social media safety, and tech's role in understanding and addressing some of society's largest concerns, like climate change and pandemic modeling. The training thus covers a broad variety of theoretical concepts and practical skills.

Students will study eight modules over the course of the first two semesters of the program and can choose to either complete a formal academic project under the guidance of faculty members or complete an industry placement in the second semester. Students will use the abilities they have acquired during the taught modules in both selections.


  • Gain advanced knowledge of the principles and concepts of internet technologies, software development, and intelligent systems. 
  • Develop the practical skills that are necessary for the design, build, deployment and evaluation of distributed information systems and complex, internet-enabled business applications.
  • Learn many techniques, including manipulating large amounts of data, designing and building large applications, leveraging and provisioning cloud services, and developing autonomous systems.
  • Gain the skills needed to become a technology consultant through the dedicated modules where you are taught and assessed through applying your learning to real-world problems.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

Distributed Intelligent Systems 15 credits
Data Analytics & Databases 15 credits
Optional Module
System Design & Programming 15 credits
Research Horizons 15 credits
Cloud Computing 15 credits
Web Technologies & Security 15 credits
Collaborative Application Development 15 credits
Academic Project OR Industrial Placement 60 credits

After students have completed the taught modules they have the choice to undertake a formal academic project supervised by academic staff in the School or to take an industry placement. In both options, they will apply the skills they have learned during the taught modules.

The decision about the type of project or placement students will do will be made together with the academic supervisors and will be based on their performance during the taught modules.

MSc Advanced Computer Science course -Total Credits: 180

Academic Project: The Academic Project assessment is based largely on a substantial final written report of 10,000 - 15,000 words.