Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration

2 years

Master of Public Administration (MPA) program extends over two academic years with four semesters. The curriculum of Master of Public Administration program consists of three distinct course components.

 Course Objective: 

The major objective of Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is to produce human resources for professional career that serves the needs, particularly, of the public sector organizations. This program covers an intensive two-year course which aims at imparting knowledge on interdisciplinary areas of contemporary public affairs management. Especially, the program is designed to enhance the capacity of those seeking jobs in the public, semi-governmental, non-governmental, teaching and research institutions. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • to make the students aware of and skilled in dealing with the issues relating to diversified fields of contemporary public affairs management.
  • to provide students with conceptual tools to understand and appreciate behavioral aspects of public affairs management.
  • to enhance the capability of the students to undertake research in the field of public affairs management.
  • to provide the students with focused knowledge and analytical skills in their respective areas of specialization.
  • to acquaint the students with the functioning of public management system.



Students, applying for admission to Master of Public Administration must have successfully completed a Bachelor's Degree in any discipline from any Institute or University recognized by Purbanchal University.

Curricular Structure

Core Courses There are altogether sixteen courses in this area. These courses aim at providing academic exposure about the concepts, theories, practices and techniques of basic and related areas of public affairs management which carries 48 credits.

Capstone Courses Capstone courses include two distinct areas and carries 6 credits. The first area focuses on computer skills. The objective is to make the students aware of the use computer technology in administration. The second area includes internship. It emphasizes the practical aspect of learning. The students are required to undergo an internship and prepare the report. This helps the students to have first-hand practical knowledge about what they have studied in the classroom.

Specialization Courses There are three areas of specialization with four courses in each area. The students are required to choose two courses from any one of the areas of specialization. Thesis, which carries the 6 credits should comply with the specialization area taken by the students.

The specialization courses are oriented towards adding an insight into the understanding and analytical skills gained from the study of core areas. Specialization area includes 12 credits