Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

2 years

Far-Western University's MBA program covers a span of 2 years, with 4 semesters. This course comprises a total of 60 credit hours.

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The Master in Business Administration (MBA) course of Far-Western University is designed with components that involve course work, seminars, practicum, experiential learning, and graduate research project. The total duration of the program is 2 years. The program is spread over four semesters. The maximum duration for the completion of the requirements for the MBA program is five years from the date of registration.

Curricular Structure

Semester-wise curriculum for Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Far-Western University.

Semester 1

Course Title Credits
Statistics for Management 3
Managerial Economics 2
Managerial Communication 3
Emerging Concepts in Management 2
Organizational Behaviour 2
Marketing Management 2
Business, Society and Ethics 2
Total 16

Semester 2

Course Title Credits
Managerial Accounting and Control 3
Management Information System 3
Financial Management 3
International Business 2
Human Resource Management 2
Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
Total 16

Semester 3

Course Title Credits
Research Methods for Business 2
Operations and Supply Chain Management 2
E-Business 2
Concentration I 3
Entrepreneurship 2
Internship 3
Total 14

Semester 4

Course Title Credits
Business Environment and Strategic Management 3
Concentration II 3
Concentration III 3
Business Plan for New Venture Development (Seminar) 1
Taxation and Tax Planning (Workshop) 1
Thesis 3
Total 14

Total Credit hours: 60