Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

2 years
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The School offers a wide range of courses in Management and Commerce. It introduced course wise registration in Management Programs. Each academic year is divided into two semesters: January to June and July to December.

Salient Features



The examination will be taken by IGNOU through ICA.


The admission in MBA is taken for January and July session.


For few programs Academic Counseling Session is provided for selective subjects only. For further details on Academic Counseling Session do kindly contact Academic Coordinator at .



  1. Any graduate (Including Chartered Accountancy/Cost Accountancy/Company Secretaryship) with 50% marks.
  2. No age bar.



  1. Transcript of SLC, +2 & Bachelor Level (2 copies each)
  2. Convocation certificate or provisional certificate of bachelor (2 copies each)
  3.  3 PP size and 2 Auto size Photograph
  4. For proof of date of Birth one should submit Xerox copy of valid passport or citizenship (2 copies of anyone) (Note: Date of birth should be mention in AD


Curricular Structure

Structure: This Programme consists of 21 courses in all.

1st Semester:

  1. MS-1 Management Functions and Behavior
  2. MS-2 Management of Human Resources
  3. MS-3 Economic and Social Environment
  4. MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Managers
  5. MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials

2nd Semester:

  1. MS-6 Marketing for Managers
  2.  MS-7 Information Systems for Managers
  3.  MS-8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
  4.  MS-9 Managerial Economics 
  5. MS-11 Strategic Management

3rd Semester:

  1. MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions 
  2. MS-10 Organizational Design, Development and Change
  3.  MS-100 Project Work (Equivalent to 2(Two) courses) 

Two Specialization courses of your choice

4th Semester:

  1. MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management
  2. Three Specialization courses from specialization stream opted in Semester-III Any one elective course out of MS-92, 93, 94, 96, 97

The Specialization Programme in Functional Areas consists of Postgraduate Diploma in 5 streams: Human Resource Management, Financial Management, OperationsManagement, Marketing Management and Financial Markets Practice.

Structure: Each of the following diploma programs consists of five courses in all from the chosen specializations streams:

Specialization Streams:

P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) (any five)

Offer on January Session:

  1. MS-21 Social Processes and Behavioral Issues
  2. MS-22 Human Resource Development
  3. MS-23 Human Resource Planning
  4. MS-24 Employment Relations

Offer on July Session:

  1. MS-25 Managing Change in Organizations
  2. MS-26 Organizational Dynamics
  3. MS-27 Wage and Salary Administration
  4. MS-28 Labor Laws
  5. MS-29 International Human Resource Management
  6. P.G. Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) (any five)
  7. Offer on January Session:
  8. MS-41 Working Capital Management MS-42 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions MS-43 Management Control Systems

Offer on July Session:

  1. MS-44 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 
  2. MS-45 International Financial management
  3.  MS-46 Management of Financial Services

P.G. Diploma in Operations Management (PGDOM) (any five)

Offer on January Session:

  1. MS-51 Operations Research
  2. MS-52 Project Management
  3. MS-53 Production /Operational Management
  4. MS-54 Management of Information Systems

Offer on July Session:

  1. MS-55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
  2. MS-56 Materials Management 
  3. MS-57 Maintenance Management
  4.  MS-58 Management of R & D and Innovation

P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) (any five)

Offer on January Session:

  1. MS-61 Consumer Behavior
  2. MS-62 Sales Management
  3. MS-63 Product Management
  4. MS-64 International Marketing
  5. MS-65 Marketing of Services

Offer on July Session:

  1. MS-66 Marketing Research
  2. MS-68 Marketing Communication and Advertising Management
  3. MS-611 Rural Marketing
  4. MS-612 Retail Management

P.G. Diploma in Financial Markets Practice (PGDFMP)

Offer on January Session:

  1. MFP-1 Equity Markets
  2. MFP-2 Equity Derivatives
  3. MFP-3 Commodity Markets

Offer on July Session:

  1. MFP-4 Currency & Debt Markets 
  2. MFP-5 Professionals in Financial Markets Practice

Elective Courses (Any One):

Offer on January Session:

  1. MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises
  2. Offer on July Session:
  3. MS-94 Technology Management
  4. MS-96 Total Quality Management
  5. MS-97 International Business Management