PhD in Management

PhD in Management

5 years
  • Fee:NPR 595,000

Kathmandu University School of Management offers PhD in Management. It is a research-based degree program with intensive full time study program. Students are required to complete taught courses and an independent research work to complete the course requirement of the programs.

PhD in Management is an intensive research degree program stretched over a minimum of three years period.

Candidates who have completed MPhil or MS by Research in Management are required to take a minimum of 10 credit hour courses in the first three terms of the program, each of 14 weeks duration.

Other eligible candidates will have to complete course works and additional prerequisite courses in maximum six terms (two years). All course works and thesis defense should be successfully completed by a PhD candidate in minimum of three to maximum five years period.



Salient Features

Why PhD?

PhD in Management is an advanced research degree program that offers a candidate with substantial grounding in high quality research and analytical skills in management disciplines while preparing for higher academic or analytical professions in management and policy making.

Candidates pursuing this program will:

  • Enrich research capability in management disciplines for advancing management knowledge, practice, and profession; and
  • Enhance competitive edge in conceptual and analytical skills in management disciplines for advanced career in academic or analytical professions in management and policy making.



Since the PhD program is an intensive study and research program, a candidate is required to maintain regular work hours at KUSOM as specified by the Research Committee during weekdays and assume any teaching or research responsibility (as teaching/research assistant) as assigned by the Dean for a remuneration as determined by Kathmandu University.




The PhD Program is open to Nepali and non-Nepali nationals with:


  1. A research-oriented masters’ degree MPhil or MS by Research in Management or a Master degree** (in Management or Management Sciences or relevant Functional Management Disciplines; Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, Public Administration, Sciences, Sociology, and Statistics) from the universities recognized by Kathmandu University;
  2. Minimum CGPA of 3.25 on a scale of 4.0 or 60 percent in aggregate; and
  3. At least one individual research article published (or accepted for publication) in refereed national/ regional/ international journal or a research paper presented in a national/ regional/ international conference.

** Candidates with a Master degree other than MPhil or MS by Research will need to take prerequisite courses equivalent to minimum 20 credits as decided by Research Committee before allowing to take PhD level course works

Admission Criteria

Selection of the candidates shall be based on:

  • Evaluation of published or presented research article;
  • Presentation and viva voce examination on the research article;
  • Scores on the Admission Test;
  • Personal interview;
  • Merit of academic attainments.

Special consideration will be given at the time of personal interview, article evaluation and presentation on:

  • Articulation and depth of interest in research and specialization in management; and
  • Demonstrated potential in pursuing research work and specialization in management.


The program is delivered as follows:

  • Fall Term: September —January
  • Spring Term: February—May
  • Summer Term: June—September

The medium of instruction is English.

Job Prospects

Where can you place after this?

  • Universities
  • Research institutions
  • Policy analysis and formulation agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • International agencies
  • Development organizations


Curricular Structure

The course works to be completed in the first year of Ph.D. study are:

1st Semester:

  • Advanced qualitative research methods (2 credits);
  • Advanced quantitative research methods (2 credits);
  • Academic writing (2 credits);

2nd Semester:

Advanced seminar in specialization area (2 credits). The following three specialization areas are available in the Ph.D. program:

1. Finance

2. General Management

3. Marketing.

·Advanced seminar in the specialization area comprises four well-researched literature review-based seminar presentations on the candidate's research inquiry areas. The seminar is designed to help a candidate in developing a solid research proposal at a later stage. The four topics of the advanced seminar are to be decided by the principal advisor and presented to the faculty and Ph.D. scholars.