PhD in Nepali Culture, History and Archeology

PhD in Nepali Culture, History and Archeology

PhD in NeHCA ·
5 years

Central Department of Nepali Culture, History and Archeology, Kirtipur offers Doctor of Philosophy in Nepali Culture, History and Archeology.

Salient Features

The central department has been publishing the academic journal titled, 'Nepalese Culture' in series of volumes. The Journal provides space for prominent researchers and academics in the field to access and publish articles on topics covering culture, art, architecture, archaeology, cultural tourism, museology, numismatics, epigraphy, history, and society.

Curricular Structure

Semester I
Code no. Subject Credit
NeHCA 751 Themes in Nepalese History and Culture
NeHCA 752 Theoretical Approaches Nepalese Society
NeHCA 753 Art and Architecture of Nepal 3
NeHCA 754 Research Methodology 3
Semester II
Code no. Subject Credit
NeHCA 761 Pre History and Archaeology 3
NeHCA 762 Developing Research Proposal (Practical Phase) 1.5
NeHCA 763 Academic Writing (Practical Phase) 1.5

Semester III

Third Semester Ph.D. students are required to complete a Reading list devised by the department in consultation with the dissertation guide and the candidate's performance, presentations, and aptitude for reading materials are time and again evaluated during 6 months. The Reading List comprises 6 credits.