Diploma in Food/Dairy Technology

Diploma in Food/Dairy Technology

3 years

The course involves theory, practical and demonstration for teaching. The medium of teaching, for the most part, will be English. The students will get knowledge and skill in all possible subjects related to food and dairy industries. The program includes On-the-Job Training and Proposal Writing during the sixth semester, which can be very instrumental in helping the students develop analytical skill and confidence.The program is intended for SLC-pass students aspiring for technical education. Both male and female, and of all nationalities, can join the program. 

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the program are to produce middle-level manpower needed by food and dairy industries in Nepal. After completing the course, students will be able to contribute both in production and quality control. The will also be able to set up small-scale industries.

Salient Features

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali.

Course Duration

The program consists of 2 years six semesters. 

Group Size: 

This institute has a capacity of 40 students per semester. For greater effectiveness, only 10 students will be taken for each practical. For theory classes, spacious classrooms are available, capable of accommodating 10 to 60 students.

Pattern of Attendance

The students are required to have a minimum of 90% attendance. Those failing to achieve this will be disqualified for the final exams. 

The overall achievement of each student will be measured by a final aggregate percentage of all final semester examinations and graded as follow: - 

Marks division: 

  • Distinction : > or =80 % 
  • First division : 65 % to < 80 % 
  • Second division : 50 % to 65 % 
  • Pass : 40 % to < 50 % 


Secured at least grade C in any two subjects i.e. Compulsory Mathematics, Compulsory Science or English and D+ in the remaining subject in School leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from recognized academic institution.

Admission Criteria

The candidates should be SLC-pass. In general, the candidates must be Nepali citizen and have a minimum of 50% score in the SLC. For those from very remote areas (also for girls) 45% score in the SLC is considerable. The final selection for eligibility entails entrance exam conducted by CTEVT. 

Curricular Structure

Semester I






Semester II






Semester III

Basic Principle of Engineering

Principles of Food Preservation

Milk and Milk Products

Basic and Food Microbiology

Statistics and Mathematics

Fermentation Technology

Semester IV

Biochemistry and Human Nutrition

Computer Application

Principle of Milk Processing

Specialization in Food Technology

Semester V

Food Chemistry

TFP-I (Cereal Technology)

Food Engineering

Semester VI

TFP-II (Fruits & Vegetables)

TFP-III (Tea, Coffee & Spices)

TFP-IV (Meat & Poultry)

Elective (Any one)
Fat & Oil Technology or Sugar Technology

Specialization in Dairy Technology

Semester V

Dairy Chemistry

Dairy Microbiology

Dairy Engineering

Semester VI

  • TDP-I
  • TDP-II
  • TDP-IV
  • On the job training

Full Curriculum of Diploma in Food/Dairy Technology.pdf