Diploma in Culinary Arts- Australia Course Certification

Diploma in Culinary Arts- Australia Course Certification

6 months

The qualification of Diploma in Culinary arts provides the skills and knowledge for an person to be graded as a cook in Continental cuisine.

It is recommended for students wishing to obtain employment at 4 or 5 star rated hotels and work on an International basis.

Work would be undertaken in various hospitality enterprises where food is prepared and served, including restaurants, hotels, Cruises, Plubs, cafes, cafeterias and coffee shops. It may be teamed with 3 electives units in cooking in local cuisine so students learned a wider variety of food and job prospects for local employment are better. 

It is usually studied over a period of six months totaling 800 hours study

Job Prospects

Chef as a Career! is one of the best choices available in todays most competitive world. Chef’s jobs and value is well known in developed countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zerland,UK and in many other countries. Chefs can easily migrate to Canada without much hassles as a skilled professional. Chefs can find employment opportunity in national and international market  easily and paid a high salary. 
This profession is highly regraded profession in modern world. Chef can rely on the profession as long as chef is capable of working where in most other profession age bar, retirement timing and old age are the consideration for the suitability of job. The job and profession security is not bound by the time and age in this profession unlike as in most other profession

Curricular Structure

Subjects taught in Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • CSACA002 Work in a team
  • CSACA003 Hospitality in a socially diverse environment
  • CSACA004 Occupational, health and safety in the workplace
  • CSACA005 Update hospitality industry trends
  • CSACA006 Hygiene in the workplace
  • CSACA007 Mise en place and preparation of food
  • CSACA008 Presentation of food
  • CSACA009 Storage and receivel of kitchen supplies
  • CSACA010 Kitchen cleaning and maintenance
  • CSACA011 Principles of cookery methods
  • CSACA012 Prepare, cook and serve food
  • CSACA013 Preparation of entrees and salads
  • CSACA014 Preparation and cooking of stocks, soups and sauces
  • CSACA015 Preparation of vegetables, fruits, eggs and farinaceous dishes
  • CSACA016 Preparation and cooking poultry
  • CSACA017 Preparation and cooking seafood
  • CSACA018 Preparation and cooking meat
  • CSACA019 Preparation of desserts
  • CSACA020 Prepare pastries, cakes and yeast goods
  • CSACA021 Planning and preparation of buffets
  • CSACA022 Food safety in the workplace
  • CSACA023 Nutrition and dietary in the workplace
  • CSACA024 Menu planning, development and implementation
  • CSACA026 Provide customer service
  • CSACA027 Deal with conflict situations
  • CSACA028 Training and team development
  • CSACA029 Prepare, cook and serve food for menus
Plus 3 Elective Subjects:
  • CSAAC012 Preparation of Asian curry paste and powder
  • CSAAC013 Preparation of Asian vegetarian dishes
  • CSAAC014 Select prepare and serve specialist Asian Cuisines