Bsc (Computer Science & Software Engineering) Foundation

Bsc (Computer Science & Software Engineering) Foundation

Bsc (CS & SE) Foundation ·
3 years

The BSc (Computer Science & Software Engineering) Foundation course delves into optimal strategies for implementing software systems. It leverages various technical facets of computer science, with a special focus on programming, with the goal of nurturing the professional demeanor, interpersonal aptitude, and technical proficiency necessary in the software engineering sector. This program establishes a robust bedrock of theory and expertise.

Enrolling in this course equips you with the apt expertise and wisdom to mold the trajectories of businesses and institutions in the time ahead. The central highlight of this curriculum is its adaptability, affording you the chance to construct a personalized path within the realm of computer science. You can follow endorsed routes in diverse computing domains in line with your passions. Your competencies will flourish across domains like inventive computing, information systems, software engineering, and design and development.

Why Foundation Year?

  • By completing the Foundation Year, course you will automatically progress onto the first year (level 4) of your chosen degree at UoB.
  • During your foundation year you will join our student community and be able to enjoy all aspects of the College student experience. You will be able to join the Students Union, use our academic and leisure facilities, and access all our support services.
  • Study with committed, like-minded students in dedicated laboratories and classrooms
  • Develop your professionalism as you choose the career path you wish to take
  • Gain detailed knowledge of areas such as Basic programming Techniques, Internet programming, database applications, and Academic Skills
  • Explore the highly sought-after practical skills you will need to make a success of your career
  • Benefit from teaching by staff who have a strong academic research background and are also actively engaged in knowledge transfer


The basic criteria required for entry to the courses are listed as follows: The applicants should have any of the following:

  • Successfully pass Plus 2 with minimum 45% OR 1.8 GPA in Grade XII and minimum D+ in individual subject
  • OR 2 A level passes (with minimum C and D Grades)
  • OR Successfully complete Foundation year (from a recognized university or HE institution)

English language requirements are as follows :

  • Valid IELTS overall score of 5.5 with minimum 5.0 in each element
  • OR Nepalese High School 12th English minimum 60% or B Grade.
  • University of Bedfordshire ELAS with minimum of B2 Grade.

Job Prospects

The B.Sc in Computer Science & Software Engineering program will furnish you with the tools to cultivate the intellectual and practical proficiencies necessary for crafting software products of high quality. These products not only operate effectively and fulfill client requisites, but also align with real-world limitations.

Recent alumni have secured diverse entry-level roles across both the private and public sectors, with promising prospects for advancement even in a competitive job landscape.

In the initial stages, you're likely to assume positions like a novice skilled practitioner, with the potential for future growth into roles involving oversight within a team-oriented development and support environment in industries and businesses.

Upon completing the program, a spectrum of opportunities will unfold for you, ranging from becoming a game developer to ascending the ranks to become a manager of IT and communication services. As a graduate with a BSc(Hons) in CS & SE, your possibilities will be extensive.

Jobs related to your degree are :

  • Application Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Games Developer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Systems Analysts
  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer

Jobs where your degree would be useful are :

  • Digital Copywriter
  • IT Sales Professional
  • IT Trainer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Network Engineer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Technical Author
  • Web Content Author

Curricular Structure

Year Foundation  
PFP001-1 Learning English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills CORE
10 Credits
PFP002-1 Writing for Academic Purposes CORE
10 Credits
PFP003-1 Personal and Professional Development CORE
10 Credits
PFP004-1 Fundamentals of Computers CORE
15 Credits
PFP005-1 Basic Statistics CORE
15 Credits
PFP001-2 Introduction to Algorithm and Programming CORE
15 Credits
PFP002-2 Internet and WWW CORE
15 Credits
PFP003-2 Basic Mathematics CORE
15 Credits
PFP004-2 Introduction to OOPs CORE
15 Credits