B.Sc Computer Networking and IT Security - London Metropolitan University

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London Metropolitan University

Science and Technology

3 year(s)

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B.Sc Computer Networking and IT Security program aims to provide students with expertise in the field of computer networks and IT security. It emphasizes all aspects of computer networking and IT security, whether wired or wireless, and it is strongly supported by an embedded vocational curriculum (Cisco CCNA) which greatly enhances the employability of our students.

It covers areas of prevention, detection and correction as well as a professional education in the theory and practice of computing, with special emphasis on the technology and applications central to IT Security. The aim of this course is to help the students to work effectively with or in an IT Security development team, specializing in all aspects of network security.

One of the strengths of the course is the practical aspect, especially through the state of the art networking and IT security laboratories, which allows the students to develop hands-on competence and expertise. The course also aims to develop interpersonal, team working and IT skills and build up commercial, ethical and environmental awareness.

Career Prospectus
Spectacular advances in the field of Computer Networks have made a huge impact on modern life. Good networking engineers are in very high demand from companies who design, install and maintain computer networks with local, regional, national and global reach as well as private and public networks. Examples of careers include Network Administrator, Network and Security Engineer/Designer/Manager/Consultant, Planning Analyst, LAN/WAN Support. In the field of IT Security, there is increasing demand from government agencies and private companies; increasingly for those with detailed knowledge of networked systems. The programme is also excellent preparation for further research or study.

Offering Colleges (1)