BBA (Hons) Business and Management

BBA (Hons) Business and Management

4 years

The BBA (Hons) Business and Management is a 4-year program of the University of the West of England, UK. The foreign affiliated degree is only taught at one college in Nepal with the fees being around 11 lakhs. 

The BBA (Hons) Business and Management degree is multidisciplinary in nature and can lead to many possible career options, whether in private business or in the public sector. Our BBA course provides a holistic view of business management while aiming to help students develop detailed knowledge of the latest business and management practices. The course’s participative and interactive teaching and learning methodologies will enlighten students with practical competencies necessary for achieving business success.

The modules in our BBA course are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business as well as developing their ability to work effectively in a group in a disciplined and structured environment. Moreover, it will also develop essential skills including for example problem solving, decision making and communication.

On successful completion of the BBA course, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • a critical understanding of organisations, their management and the changing external environment in which they operate.
  • attributes and skills necessary for a career in business and management.
  • an analytical and enquiring approach in the analysis of business problems so that considered and appropriate conclusions are drawn – which can be communicated effectively in a variety of forms.
  • an informed understanding of critical contemporary business issues and theoretical debates, including ethics & ethical decision-making, sustainability and global citizenship.
  • a strong sense of self and the life-long learning skills to make an ongoing contribution to society at large.
  • a critical appreciation and understanding of a broad range of locally and globally inter-related Business & Management issues
  • a capacity to develop and apply creative and their own perspectives and approaches to appreciate, understand and deal with uncertainty and complexity on a local and global level

Salient Features

The BBA offers students a current and integrated business education covering the main disciplines and operational areas of business. The curriculum aims to challenge students in their ways of thinking, behaving, learning, and issues of ethics & ethical decision making, sustainability and global citizenship are embedded throughout. The BBA programme actively seeks input from the external environment and student learning is grounded in the external context wherever appropriate through, e.g. external speakers, assessments that require students to test out concepts in practice and reflect on their own experience of organisations.

In addition, all students of BBA are encouraged by the curriculum into actively pursuing work experience of some sort i.e. via placement, internship, or volunteering. Student achievement is supported by a clear personal development strand of transferable skills and ‘brain habits’ over all four levels that facilitates the transition into Higher Education and which underpins employability and lifelong learning.




Foundation Entry

  • 10+2/CBSE/ A-Level or equivalent 55% and above an aggregate score

University Entry

  • Overall 70% & above with a minimum of 65% in each subject for entry to Level 4


  • Minimum 70% in English and an IELTS score no less than 6 with no less than 5.5 in any band.

Job Prospects

On successful completion of the course students will be able to develop their career in the following areas :

  • Human Resource
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Relations

Curricular Structure

The first Foundation Level 3 year is concerned with bringing you up to university entrance level, as required by both the MoE in Nepal and our partner university, UWE. The programme aims at enhancing the overall knowledge and skills in management study, and preparation of students for entry to a Level 4 course.

The programme is structured with four (4) core and four (4) specialist module(s) in Business and Management.  

Level 3: TBC Foundation Programme (Year 0/L3)
Semester 1
Business Statistics 15 credits
Introduction to Management 15 credits
Academic English 15 credits
Introduction to Marketing 15 credits
Study Skills(YL)  
Semester 2 
Introduction to Accountancy 15 credits
Introduction to Business 15 credits
Effective Communication Skills 15 credits
Fundamentals of Economics 15 credits

UWE 3 Years Bachelor’s Degree Programme

The second-year (level 4) provides a further foundation for the development of the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for future success. In the third year (Level 5), you will study modules relating to the main functional areas of business, including a range of specialist module options, and you will develop your research and enquiry skills.

The final year (Level 6) will include a major project, modules which require the integration of the knowledge gained in the earlier years of study and a number of advanced business module options which allow you to further develop your specific interests. The final year curriculum also includes a focus on managing change, both in organisational terms and in terms of your own career. 

Level 4: TBC- UWE Bristol Pathway Programme (Year 1/L4)
Semester 1
Introduction to Business and Management 15 credits
Understanding Business and Financial Information 15 credits
Understanding the Business and Economic Environment 15 credits
Understanding Organisations and People 15 credits
Semester 2
Understanding the Principles of Marketing 15 credits
Business Decision Making for Management 15 credits
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 15 credits
Contemporary Business Issues  15 credits
Level 5: TBC- UWE Bristol Programme (Year 2/L5)
Semester One  Credits
Research method for Business 15 credits
Management Skills 15 credits
Operations and Supply Chain Management 15 credits
International Business 15 credits
Semester Two  
Introductory Business Research Project 15 credits
Managing People 15 credits
Accounting Information for Business 15 credits
Integrated Marketing Communication (Marketing Route) 15 credits
Market Analysis for Private Investor (Accounting and Finance Route) 15 credits

After completing Level 5, students will take part in our IMP (International Mobility Programme) in either London, Dubai or Singapore. Tuition fee includes international flights, accommodation and breakfast ✈ ⛵

 Level 6: TBC-UWE Bristol Programme(Year 3/L6)  | Marketing Route
Year-Long Credits
Critical Business Enquiry Project 30 credits
Semester One Credits
Managing Organisational Change 15 credits
Strategic Management 15 credits
Accounting For Managers 15 credits
Semester Two Credits
Global Marketing Management 15 credits
Brand Management 15 credits
Integrated Business Management Simulation 15 credits
 Level 6: Accounting and Finance Route
Year-Long Credits
Critical Business Enquiry Project  30 credits
Semester One Credits
Managing Organisational Change 15 credits
Strategic Management 15 credits
Accounting for Managers 15 credits
Semester Two Credits
International Business Management Simulation 15 credits
International Financial Management 15 credits
Investment Management 15 credits