BSc Medical Microbiology

BSc Medical Microbiology

4 years
  • Fee: NPR 750000

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology is a four year program of Pokhara University. Microbiology is one of the youngest branches of biomedical science. The rapid increase in the number of Hospitals, Medical College, Nursing Homes, Health Institution, Health related research institutes, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnological Industries, Food Industries both in private and public area over the last decade have accelerated tremendous demand for microbiology. The demand is equally felt in the NGOs and INGOs sectors involved in Health Care and promotion activities.


The main aim of the course is to train students in the field of medical microbiology. Training in both theory and practical is imparted to the students covering all the subspecialties: Systemic and Diagnostic Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Mycology and Immunology. After graduation, the graduates of Pokhara University can work a part of the patient care, disease prevention and control in the community effectively along with active participation as researcher in health research and QC staff in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. They will be trained with the modern methods of teaching learning and IT skills to enable them to tackle the future assignment in laboratory diagnostic, experimental animal, industrial along with academic ventures. They will also be introduced to basic research methodology so as to enable them to start basic and applied research independently.


Minimum 2.4 GPA in Aggregate; minimum "C+" Grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and minimum "C" grade in other subjects.

Curricular Structure

Semester Semester

Semester I

Professional English

Medical Botany

Medical Entomology

Fundamental Chemistry

General Microbiology

Semester II

General Microbiology II

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Microbial Biochemistry

Molecular Biology I

Instrumentation and Biomedical Engineering

Semester III

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Molecular Biology II

Systemic Bacteriology I



Semester IV

Systemic Bacteriology II

Systemic Virology

Systemic Parasitology

Systemic Mycology

Public Health Microbiology I

Semester V

Public Health Microbiology II

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Industrial Microbiology

Microbial Biotechnology


Semester VI

Diagnostic Bacteriology I

Diagnostic Virology

Diagnostic Parasitology

Diagnostic Mycology

Diagnostic Immunology

Seminar I

Semester VII

Diagnostic Bacteriology II

Diagnostic Microbiology

Research Methodology

Bio-statistics and Data Management

Management of Microbiology Laboratory

Seminar II

Semester VIII

Hospital/Factory Internship




Syllabus for NHPC Licensing Examination of Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology (B.Sc Medical Microbiology).pdf

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