BSc Medical Biochemistry

BSc Medical Biochemistry

4 years
  • Fee: NPR 750000

Bachelors of Science in Medical Biochemistry (B.Sc. Medical Biochemistry) is an eight semesters and four year course. The program focuses mainly on medical biochemistry. Biochemistry is at the core of all modern biology. Advances in areas as diverse as medicine, plant breeding and industrial biotechnology are dependent on a firm understanding of the underlying metabolic processes.

The course in biochemistry aims to provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of metabolism and molecular Biology leading to a study of the application of this knowledge in the real world, this applied focus of the course equips students for careers not only in education and research but also in the different setting of health care.


  • To produce technical professional by promoting and strengthening their knowledge leading to a Master's degree in Medical Biochemistry
  • To inculcate in student the fundamental concepts and latest developments in medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • To raise awareness of students in the major issues racing the discipline.


Minimum 2.4 GPA in Aggregate; minimum "C+" Grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and minimum "C" grade in other subjects.


Completed 10+2 years of education or equivalent with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and not less than 50% of marks in each subjects of Physics, Chemistry and, Biology (PCB).

Job Prospects

The rapid increase in the number of Hospitals, Medical College, Nursing Homes, Health Instition, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnological Industries, Food Industries both in private and public area over the last decade have accelerated tremendous demand for microbiology. The demand is equally felt in the NGOs and INGOs involve in health care and promotion activities.

Curricular Structure

Semester Semester

Semester I

Professional English

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry I

Inorganic Chemistry

Fundamentals of Bio-Chemistry

Semester II

Physical Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry II

Human Anatomy and Physiology I


Clinical Biochemistry I (Instrumentation)

Semester III

Bio-Molecules I

Metabolism I

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Microbiology I : General

Semester IV

Bio-Molecules II

Metabolism II



Microbiology II: Parasitology

Semester V

Molecular Biology


Nutritional Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry II

Microbiology III: Bacteriology

Semester VI

Clinical Biochemistry III


Clinical Biochemistry IV ( Analytical)

Research Methodology

Microbiology IV: Immunology

Semester VII

Clinical Biochemistry V (Diagnostic)

Biostatistics and Data Management


Clinical Biochemistry VI (Management of Lab)


Semester VIII


Hospital Internship

Seminar II

The last two years (sixth to eighth semester) course will focus on the medical biochemistry, genetic engineering and molecular Biology.