Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Law

5 years

Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Law (BBM-LLB) is a 5 year course divided into over 10 semesters. The program has a total of 188 credit hours with fees being around 10 lakhs. 

The BBM-LL.B. is a special integrated 5-year law course that aims at creating a band of modern lawyers who are knowledgeable and skilled to meet the current requirements of the law profession. This degree qualifies the graduates to apply for membership of the bar to practice law in Nepal. It meets all requirements of the professional undergraduate law degree or Legum Baccalaureus with additional exposure to management that creates an added advantage for them to work as lawyers in the corporate sector and public enterprises. 

Study of this course will enable the law students to develop a competitive edge for them in the business sector including the practice of business law in law courts and quasi-judicial tribunals. The recent changes in the Nepalese economy and global economic scenario have necessitated a strong demand for a breed of youngsters with the knowledge of law coupled with the core essentials of management and business to enhance productivity.

In modern Nepal, there is hardly a field of management without legal relevance. This integrated degree has been designed against this backdrop. Unlike traditional law degrees, this program offers a unique combination of business and legal content. It equips students with management skills and comprehensive knowledge of business law, thus, enabling them to assess and solve complex issues from a variety of different perspectives. In addition to teaching relevant content from corporate accounting and finance, strategic management, personnel management, marketing and corporate and business laws, the program places a particular focus on valuable legal and management skills. 

Learning Outcomes

BBM-LL.B offers you the opportunity to study the foundations of law alongside compulsory modules in business administration.

Students will learn and think about the operation, scope, and role of law within society, understanding how the law shapes and is shaped by morality, public perception, politics, and day-to-day events. They study the social impact of the law and develop their academic and professional skills in a supportive and intellectually rewarding environment.

By studying business administration, students will gain the skills and knowledge essential for managing key areas of corporate bodies or organisations. They will develop an understanding of the role and interrelationship between strategic management, human resource management and operations management.

KUSOL is committed for an approach which enables students to think critically about law within the broader context of society, considering it's role and impact, and the potential it has to change the society we live in.

Salient Features

Why to Choose BBM LLB Course

  1. The course enables student to acquire a qualifying law degree, along with management knowledge and skills.
  2. A qualifying law degree that equips students with highly sought after business awareness and management skills.
  3. Management component from curriculum of Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)
  4. Harness the professional expertise in Business and Corporate laws.
  5. Designed with input from the legal professionals the course is highly relevant to the needs of modern legal practice.
  6. Strong moot court and clinical legal back up.
  7. Preparation of Nepali conversant English medium lawyers.



The candidate should have passed 10+2 intermediate degree or its equivalent of at least two years duration in any discipline with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and minimum ‘C’ grade in all subjects from accredited Universities or Boards recognized by Kathmandu University.

Admission Criteria

Passed Kathmandu University Law School Admission Test (KULSAT) conducted by Kathmandu University School of Law, KUSOL in the current year.

Job Prospects

A law degree will provide you with access to a variety of legal careers. It will also give you an excellent springboard into a wide range of other opportunities.

Law is special because more than half of all the graduate jobs do not require any particular degree background and a good Law degree will always allow you to present plenty of important skills to future employers.

Through your analysis of case studies and other work on your course, you will become highly skilled in researching and assimilating large amounts of information and complex data. These are important skills in a vast range of professions in commerce and industry.

You will develop very strong oral and written communications skills, which are needed by all employers these days. You will learn to approach tasks in a clear, reasoned and logical way. You will become an effective problem solver and develop an understanding of the needs of your clients. A law degree can also help you improve your commercial awareness.

Furthermore, Law manages to affect everything, and studying it gives you the freedom to develop your interest in almost anything. From geo-politics & international law to medicine & tort law. From sociology & family law to economics & human rights and contract law. Is it any wonder that so many world leaders and policy makers have a background in law?


Curricular Structure

BBM, LL.B at a Glance

Total Prescribed Subjects: 61

  1. Compulsory: 58
  2. Elective: 2 (3)

(Total 60 subjects shall be taught)


  1. Legal : 39 (including 5 clinical and 2 elective subjects)
  2. Management: 16
  3. Others: 5

Total Credit Hours: 188

Compulsory Subject Credit Hours: 184

(including 5 clinical courses of 5 credit hours each)

Elective Subject Credit Hours: 4

Legal Subject Credit Hours: 125

(Management Subject Credit Hours: 48

Other Subject Credit Hours: 15

offered courses in BBM LLB.JPG