Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

4 years

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management is internationally recognized and has been mapped to Bachelor Degree of Tribhuvan University. This is a 4 years program that offers 100% credit transfer to any member of Swiss Schools and a wide range of other universities worldwide at any given semester for those. It prepares students for applied management and business careers in the hospitality industry. In order to be successful, one needs to be trained in all areas of management in both theory and practice. 

The basis of the first part of this program is oriented to hospitality operations, comprising food & beverage, cuisine, housekeeping, lodging, administration, and languages. With a deep and firm foundation, you will be well prepared for on-the-job training responsibilities.

An entire internship year is dedicated to practical training and development to establish you as a prominent member of the world’s largest service industry. 

After internship completion, the final year of academic studies is focused on managerial subjects. In addition, the fourth year will be accompanied by seminars and project work, and you will write a dissertation. This BIHM Program is equivalent to any national and international Bachelor’s Degree program. This program offers 100% credit transfer to any Swiss School at any given semester.


Job Prospects

The way around your future is very brighter and wider because of the knowledge, skill, technique, and professionalism you learned through the 4 years of a hospitality graduation program in GATE college and with the guidance of EHL as you are a confident student of EHL certified school.

The career perspective of the graduate are as following but not just limited to:

  • Worldwide Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Theme parks, and other Leisure Industry
  • Public Relations/Diplomatic offices
  • Guest Relations Manager in a wide service industry
  • Front Office/Culinary/Room Divisions
  • Entrepreneurship/Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Bank, Insurance, and luxury

Curricular Structure

In various dedicated academic semesters, you will learn how the hospitality industry works and how you can drive business and operational performance. The curriculum includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Operational Management, Project & Event management, technology trends and integration, leadership techniques with a deep and wide arena of hospitality practices, skill, and industry exposures.

This course shares its academic DNA with industry trends and prepares students for industry-ready.