Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons)

Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons)

4 years

Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science is regarded as the fundamental discipline that approaches computerization and its applications from a scientific and pragmatic standpoint. There are four flexible specialization programs available to students in the curriculum after a common first year. After the first year of study, along with minors and numerous electives, you can select your preferred major. The curriculum is also specifically created so that you can more easily take a number of minor options that fit your area of interest.

Salient Features

  • 4 years flexible degree program
  • Option to choose from 4 specializations alongside minors and multiple electives
  • Compatible with National and American/European education standards
  • Tri-semester based Intensive programmes followed by Internship/placement
  • Overseas exchange and international learning opportunities to enhance the global outlook
  • Industry regulated technology workshops and other learning activities (e.g. AI, Machine Learning & Big Data, Python, R language, Web Design/Development, Hackathon)


  • 50% marks or aggregate 2.0 CGPA in SLC/SEE
  • 50% marks or aggregate 2.0 CGPA in +2/NEB


  • Candidates with minimum 2 principal subjects in A Level.
  • ADMISSION PROCESS: Choose a course and complete the physical or online application form. Submit to college all required original documents. If any documents are not currently available or missing, please pre-inform us. You can later submit it to the admission team University registration process only begins after the submission of all required document

Admission Criteria

The full-time undergraduate tuition fee structure for IT for 2022 entry will be 966k. Tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the university as well as charges for registration.


Each year we offer scholarships to 10% of enrolled students awarded on the basis of internal assessment, review, and interview. Below are the listed scholarships. for more details please email us at

  • Merit Scholarship (Max. 75% tuition fee waiver)
  • Talent (Non-Sports) Scholarship (Max. 100% tuition fee waiver)
  • Sports Scholarship (Max. 100% tuition fee waiver)
  • Community Scholarship (Max. 100% tuition fee waiver)
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship (Max. Rs 50,000 fee waiver)

Document Required

  • Academic Transcripts of grade 10 & 12
  • Character Certificates
  • English Proficiency Test results or Medium of Instruction Letter
  • Citizenship or Passport Certificate
  • 2 * PP Photo