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4 year(s)

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Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP) is a 4-year academic programme at the Institute of medicine (IOM) only. The course enables the speech and hearing specialist, commonly referred to as Audiologist and Speech Pathologist, to provide services to the sufferers of hearing disorders and speech defects like stammering, stuttering, voice disorder, delayed speech and language development disorders due to any cause. The degree is yet to be recognized by Nepal Health professional Council.

Offering Colleges (1)


Entrance Exam

Total Seats Subjects for Entrance exam (% Marks from)
4 (Four Only) Zoology: 30
Botany: 20
Chemistry: 30
Physics: 20

Job prospectus

Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Professionals in this field help those who have difficulties using or understanding verbal or nonverbal communication — for example, stroke survivors or people who are hard of hearing. Working in one of these professions requires a master's degree.

Career Opportunities:

  1. While in a hospital, it is the role of a Clinical Audiologist dealing with identification, assessment & diagnosis of hearing impairment and therapy for speech defects.
  2. In the industries they deal with occupational health hazards.
  3. In the institutes for the Handicapped, they work as the rehabilitator, while in special schools for the handicapped the role revolves around Educational Audiology.
  4. The versatile activities of the speech and hearing specialist open up avenues for their career advancement.
  5. Though recently introduced in Nepal, many professionals from India have migrated to different parts of the world like, U.S.A , U.K. , Germany , Canada & Australia and have carved out a nice career for themselves