BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Foundation)

BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Foundation)

BBA (Hons) Foundation ·
3 years

The BA (Hons) Business Administration program is meticulously designed to equip you with both practical proficiencies and conceptual insights requisite for administrative and managerial roles across a diverse spectrum of organizations. It offers a comprehensive grasp of the functions and responsibilities associated with management and administration, operating within a multitude of circumstances. Consequently, it constructs a nuanced contextual and conceptual understanding of how organizations adapt in the face of ever-evolving conditions.

The entire gamut of foundational functional domains that constitute the business discipline – encompassing Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Finance, HRM, Business Policy and Strategy, Change, Economics, Law, and Contemporary Issues – are comprehensively explored throughout the course. This exploration occurs within the context of contemporary transformations and shifts.

The overarching objective of the BBA Business Administration course is to imbue you with:

  • An array of business models, innovative concepts, and managerial methodologies.
  • A spectrum of management theories pertinent to distinct business functions.
  • A diverse range of apt examples and contexts, which will aid you in navigating varying business landscapes.
  • The opportunity to translate theoretical constructs into actionable knowledge, with practical implications for the continual viability of a business entity.

Salient Features

Why Foundation Year?

  • By completing the Foundation Year, course you will automatically progress onto the first year (level 4) of your chosen degree at UoB.
  • During your foundation year you will join our student community and be able to enjoy all aspects of the College student experience. You will be able to join the Students Union, use our academic and leisure facilities, and access all our support services.
  • Class sizes are small that enables one to one attention and peer learning. Teaching pedagogy focuses on multidimensional learning approach through lectures, seminars and workshops, plus group projects, research exercises, presentations and case study analyses.
  • Learning of essential components of business administration including marketing, financial and management accounting, human resource management, project management, business law, Intercultural Competencies and economics.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset with help of units focusing on leadership of business ventures, new advances in business that enhances understanding of organization and practical skills to attract new employees, retain or to start a new venture of your own.
  • The degree not only opens career access in general management roles, it aids in specialist areas of human resources, e-business, global marketing.
  • This course is a foundation for further academic progression into postgraduate/professional degree.


The basic criteria required for entry to the courses are listed as follows: The applicants should have any of the following:

  • Successfully pass Plus 2 with minimum 45% OR 1.8 GPA in Grade XII and minimum D+ in individual subject
  • OR 2 A level passes (with minimum C and D Grades)
  • OR Successfully complete Foundation year (from a recognized university or HE institution)

English language requirements are as follows :

  • Valid IELTS overall score of 5.5 with minimum 5.0 in each element
  • OR Nepalese High School 12th English minimum 60% or B Grade.
  • University of Bedfordshire ELAS with minimum of B2 Grade.

Job Prospects

Upon the successful completion of this degree, students are likely to venture into various domains:

Embark on a journey within the business landscape, spanning fields like Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Project Management. While many graduates might opt for roles within large multinational corporations, an increasing number are drawn to smaller enterprises where they can engage across multiple functional domains.

The BBA Business Administration program centers around the adept management of human resources and business processes within organizations of varying scales – be they large, medium, or small. This curriculum nurtures your capacity to apply theories in real-world organizational contexts, thereby fostering a professional outlook that holds substantial value in the eyes of employers.

For those inclined towards further education, avenues include pursuing postgraduate studies such as Master's courses in Business Administration, Business Management, and Human Resource Management. Additionally, professional courses like ACCA, CIMA, CMI, CIPD, and APM, as well as research degrees, stand as viable options.

This course not only readies you from cultural and organizational perspectives but also propels you into the realm of career possibilities within your home country and beyond its borders.

Curricular Structure

Year Foundation  
PFP001-1 Learning English for Academic Purposes and Study Skills CORE
10 Credits
PFP002-1 Writing Academic Purposes CORE
10 Credits
PFP003-1 Personal and Professional Development CORE
10 Credits
PFP004-1 Fundamentals of Computer CORE
15 Credits
PFP005-1 Basic Statistics CORE
15 Credits
PFP005-2 Foundations of Management CORE
15 Credits
PFP006-2 Introduction to Financial Accouting CORE
15 Credits
PFP007-2 Introduction to Marketing CORE
15 Credits
PFP008-2 Introduction to Economics CORE
15 Credits