BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-Up)

BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-Up)

BBA (Hons) Top-Up ·
1 year

The BA (Hons) Business Administration (Topup) program spans a year and is designed for students who hold a Foundation degree or an equivalent HND qualification.

In this culminating year of study, students can expect to receive an advanced and hands-on education in business, tailored for those eager to enrich their comprehension and proficiencies in management and business planning.

This course serves as a stepping stone for individuals aiming to pursue managerial trajectories across industries, commerce, or the public sector. Furthermore, it acts as a gateway to Masters and specialized professional courses in fields like Finance, HRM, and marketing.

The primary objective of the BBA Business Administration course is to furnish you with:

  • A comprehensive grasp of diverse business models, concepts, and managerial methodologies.
  • An understanding of an array of management theories pertinent to various facets of business operations.
  • Exposure to various illustrative examples and contexts, aiding you in navigating distinct business landscapes.
  • An opportunity to extrapolate theoretical frameworks into the application of knowledge, with practical implications for the sustained operation of a business.

This program seeks to equip you with a robust foundation in conceptual frameworks and practical skills essential for thriving in the intricate world of business.

Salient Features

Why BBA Business Administration (Top-up)?

  • Learn in a supportive environment.
  • Study advanced topics in business, including research methods, strategic management and applied e-Business, with additional study options in marketing and financial management or English language
  • Develop your knowledge of management and business concepts, skills and practice
  • Gain access to Masters courses in Finance, HRM and Marketing, and/or professional qualifications, eg Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), CIPD, ACCA, CIMA
  • Benefit from support from the Business School and the careers department, with opportunities to attend careers conferences and meet local and national employers.


The criteria required for entry into the Top-up Programme (Level 6) are as follows:

  • This course is for applicants with a related Foundation Degree or Higher Education qualification wishing to top up to the full BA/BSc degree.
  • This is a level 6 top-up programme designed for students coming directly in to the final year of a degree programme. Students will be expected to have completed some business-related course at Level 5.
  • A relevent level 5 qualification or equivalent from a recognized HE institution.
  • Further supporting infromation may be taken into consideration and assessed on a case by case basis.

Job Prospects

Upon completion of the BBA Business Administration course, you'll find yourself well-positioned to embark on a career spanning a diverse array of industries.

Our objective is to cultivate individuals equipped with pragmatic proficiencies, individuals who possess a keen understanding of the intricacies and requisites of the business realm. For instance, the Strategic Management module will equip you with robust analytical techniques that can be employed to assess a wide spectrum of business scenarios. Additionally, the dissertation component will foster personal skills encompassing organization, analysis, report composition, and presentation – all of which prove invaluable across any chosen vocational trajectory.

This curriculum serves as a preparatory step into the professional realm, rendering you adept at seamlessly integrating into a multitude of tasks and organizational structures. Alternatively, you might opt to pursue further education by enrolling in a Business-related MSc program at the University of Bedfordshire. This academic path promises to deepen and amplify your existing knowledge base.

Curricular Structure

Year 3 – Level 6  
BSS064-3 New Advancements in Business CORE
30 Credits
SHR016-3 Strategic Management for Business CORE
30 Credits
BSS056-3 Management and Administration of Projects and Operations OPTION
30 Credits
MAR034-3 Global Marketing Strategy OPTION
30 Credits
AAF040-3 Business Finance OPTION
30 Credits