Sulakshan Kirti Campus

Kirtipur, Kathmandu

According to the various pedagogues of Buddhist epistemology; environmental sustainable peace; development, social, political, and economic studies; subject directly or indirectly related to humans; university-level studies in disciplines and the academic body conducting research was established as Sulakshan Kirti Campus (SKC)

Mr Rishiram Sharma's idea and the initiative of ven. Dr Anuja Gurama led to the formation and operation of SKC. Later, on March 9, 2021, an agreement of educational cooperation was signed between Sulakshan Kirti Bihar and Lumbini Buddhist University to establish SKC as a non-profit community-social partnership model driven by people and participation. SKC will be operated, managed, and supervised in accordance with the legal and policy provisions prepared by the Sulakshan Kirti Campus Management Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Lumbini Buddhist University Act, the University Grants Commission Act and community campus establishment of Nepal Public Campus Association.


In collaboration and partnership with the concerned stakeholders, the educational and research services and programs of the campus will be expanded to various target locations in the Kathmandu Valley.

In order to support all of us individuals, families, communities and nations to achieve the common goal of lasting peace, good governance, justice and development, including material, economic, social, political and spiritual happiness and prosperity. With the mission of becoming a strong and model academic body capable of providing competent, quality, sustainable, responsible, good, efficient and dynamic leadership.

Education based on Buddhism, philosophy, epistemology, meditation and moral values, entrepreneurship, meaningful sustainability with physical and mental health, equality, freedom, unity, prosperity, happiness, positive thinking, attitude and behavior through ability and skill. To contribute to the establishment of human way of life and civilization including peace, good governance, justice and development.

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Theravada Buddhist Academy
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