Internships in Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management

As a part of a curriculum, students need to go through internships to get more exposure to real first-hand work experience and learning. They go for a six months industrial internship in 2nd year and on management internship in their last year. On completion of their 8th-semester internship, they have to submit their report on their internship, and then only they will be awarded the Bachelor's degree. For many students' 8th semester internship turns out to full-time job but it depends upon students' performance during the internship.

"We provide free assistance and support to all our students for internship/job placement opportunities through on-campus recruitment."

LOCATIONS: U.A.E, Oman, Qatar, Thailand, Maldives, India, Macau, Malaysia, Seychelles, Hong Kong, U.S.A, China, Turkey, Netherlands, and many more.