Master in Media Technology (MMT) is a degree in mass media education with expertise in Print, Radio, and Television. Students have open options to choose any stream of mass media communication. They would be familiar and a practitioner of Media techniques and technology with the completion of four-semester courses. Such a specialized course is not available in the any University of Nepal.

Shepherd College provides frequent and regular training and orientations to mid-career journalists and media professionals, which students may participate in. Apart from offering a vibrant, practical atmosphere for its students, we feel it is our responsibility to assist them in developing innovative solutions to tackle a variety of obstacles. The staff, students, and alumni have worked tirelessly to maintain the school's standing as a leader in Nepalese media education.

Career by Areas

  • Media: Reporters, Program Anchors, and Photo Journalists at the entry level of any media, including print, radio, television, and the internet.
  • Program creation and anchoring are two services provided by media production houses.
  • Designers, Content and Marketing, and Event Management are all aspects of advertising.
  • Public Relations Officer and Media Advisor for a Private Company
  • Media Project Manager, Public Relations Officer, and Media Advisor (for I/NGO)
  • Information Officer, Public Relations Officer, Government