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Kumaripati Lalitpur




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Rolwaling College [RC], established in 2013 by reputed academicians and educationists, is a premier academic institution in Nepal. In its strategic plan, the college has focused on enhancement of heart, body and soul as overall development of an individual. These elements summarize the aspiration to produce healthy, active, happy and engaged young people who participate in the vast array of activities offered in the college, and who enjoy tremendous success academically while serving others both in the college and society.

This is one of the progressive college, with a wide range of subjects, professional classes with dedicated teachers and a breadth of competition that encourages the development of excellence. With selfless and unrelenting endeavors of the promoters coupled with the commitment and dedication of the faculty members and even superbly by the propitious blessing of the guardians, the RC is being a leading academic institution.

To be precise, this college is brought under the patron of ETON International Pvt. Ltd. that has been simultaneously running Grand Academy. This college is ideal and conducive for learning. With its central location, it is easy to access all types of public transportation that makes it very comfortable and easier accessible place for students to concentrate on their studies.

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