Students' Hub at Nepalaya College

Individual Counseling

Nepalaya College provides a variety of individualized counseling sessions to students of different levels, depending on their needs and interests. By scheduling an appointment with our career counsellor, students can participate in webinars, conference calls, live chat sessions, and on-campus face-to-face counseling sessions. Students will receive email responses to your questions about course selection, faculty selection, and pathway selection. Any of these services are provided free of charge to all students who choose to join Nepalaya. The college hopes that these sessions will assist students in selecting the appropriate programs and courses based on their interests and talents.

Career Guidance

Career consultants of Nepalya College are real-life heroes who are still working and/or have worked in their specialized fields and have years of experience and expertise in their respected field as specialists, so they can provide with the real pathway in the future. The college recommends that all students meet them at least once to be motivated for the process of turning your aspirations into reality. They will assist the students in distinguishing the preferences from students' passion. They will assist the students in selecting the best from the worst in the most adverse situations and will motivate them to choose the best from the best in the most advantageous settings.

Placement & Internships

After completing a professional degree from Nepalaya College, students will have the opportunity to speak with our placement counselors. It is a fantastic chance for students to collaborate with corporate houses and large start-up enterprises in their field of study. To associate with the college, companies can express their demand to Institutions can collaborate with the college in a variety of ways across many areas.

International Exchange Program

The international exchange program of the college will connect the students with its partner institutions in order to improve the skills and provide with opportunities to interact with people from all over the world. Students will be exchanged for short-term studies, faculty will be exchanged for observation, researchers will be exchanged for sharing ideas, and administrators will be exchanged to experience variations in service and raise the quality of service. In collaboration with foreign institutes, Nepalaya will provide a variety of training and development programs for students, faculty, and administrators. The college also makes it possible for academic partners to participate in cultural exchange programs. This sort of exchange program will be coordinated by international office among partner universities.


As part of social responsibility, Nepalaya organizes volunteer opportunities for students and faculty. Social clubs and professional service staff will work together to assist you along the process of finding local and worldwide volunteer opportunities in a variety of industries and areas. This service helps students develop self-confidence, social connection, and a feeling of social responsibility. It will be an opportunity to learn about the culture, social values, and traditions, as well as an opportunity to help others.

Workshops and Trainings

Nepalaya is collaborating with institutions, entities, and organizations to link renowned scholars in a variety of methods. The college will connect students with universities in a variety of ways, including fellowships, assistantships, and more. The college strongly urges researchers to join our network and use our recognized educational partners to further their research abilities and academic understanding.

Conference / Seminars / Webinars

Nepalaya also holds regional and worldwide conferences and seminars from time to time to exchange the newest technologies, educational systems, and curriculum development in the academic field, as well as the changing demands of industrial sectors.