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The Bachelor of Environmental Science is a three-year graduate degree that integrates ecology and physical science to assess environmental concerns and provide acceptable solutions. These three years, in collaboration with the University of Northampton, will assist students in gaining in-depth knowledge in all essential domains of environmental science and recognizing its importance to society at the national and global levels.

The students will participate in a wide range of activities and face new difficulties to supplement their theoretical understanding. Environmental scientists must be accurate, critical thinkers, and have the capacity to study solutions and apply them in novel ways, as well as convey results to a wide range of audiences.

Students will investigate study design and methodology in connection to field and laboratory work, as well as data collecting and qualitative analysis approaches. Statistical tools are utilized and improved throughout the course to provide students confidence in applying suitable techniques to various kinds of data. This course also includes field and lab activities to help students acquire a variety of scientific concepts and theories.

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