Milton International College

New Baneshwar, Kathmandu


Milton International College is the first institute to introduce the concept of Maths Laboratory. LEN has a separate information center with the up-to-date records of each student. This information is available on the web with high-security options and accessible only to respective parents. The college has also adapted individual smart card systems to record attendance and for students to utilize the library facility. Along with a well-stocked library with e-library facilities and internet browsing. It has laboratories equipped with multi-media projectors.

The Liverpool International Education faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced personnel with proven educational backgrounds from renowned colleges and universities. Liverpool International Education Network claims that their faculty keeps abreast with modern teaching pedagogies and delivers their lectures using multimedia and visual aids, besides whiteboards in the classrooms.


Inviting and involving promising and time-tested mentors from home and abroad in the Liverpool umbrella, who will give maximum exposure of practical and experimental learning to the students who will understand, internalize, and express in real-life situations and widen their growth mindset for the global competitive citizen.


Provide world-class quality Education with the blend of Technology an affordable fee in Nepal to foster and utilize human capabilities to the possible utmost level.


  • to provide world-class education in our own land- Nepal
  • to prepare the quality think tank for tomorrow
  • to prepare a real citizen with positive thought and action
  • to prepare globally competent students with a positive mind

Salient Features

Why Choose Milton?

Library / Hostel facilities / Cafeteria

Milton always focuses on its academic strength by authentic and resourceful delivery, be it the library, hostel, or cafeteria for conducive, hygienic, and fruitful learning encouragement and environment. They have a very sophisticated Library, including an e-library with plenty of Books and Reference Materials.

Laboratory facilities / Computer laboratory

Science study without ample Lab practicals remains incomplete. Milton has, thus, managed and maintained well-equipped state of art facility Labs.

Academic Services

Apart from Teaching-learning, Milton involves students in practical academic writing, career counseling, and assisting interested students for abroad study in need by the foreign university graduates in a practical and down-to-earth level.

International Standard of Infrastructure

Quality should prevail in thought and action. A quality input can only give the quality output. Realizing the same, they have added a new campus building with all the international standard facilities.

Admission Guidelines

Entry Requirements for BBM

i)    At least or higher Grade in NEB Final Exams or 45% in HSEB or equivalent degree from recognized Board

ii) Compulsorily pass CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) conducted by Tribhuvan University

Entry Requirements for BA and BBS

At least D+ or higher Grade in NEB Final Exams or 45% in HSEB or equivalent degree from recognized Board. 

Entry Requirements for BCA

i)    At least D+ or higher grade in NEB Final Exams or 45% in HSEB or equivalent degree from recognized Board

ii) Successfully pass the Entrance Test conducted by Tribhuvan University


S. No. NEB Grade CMAT/Entrance Score Scholarship Amount
1. 3.76 and above 75 and above 30,000
2.  3.61 and above 70 and above 25,000
3. 3.41 and above 65 and above 20,000
4. 3.21 and above 60 and above 15,000


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